Choosing The Right Motherboard For Gaming

By | February 28, 2016

The central nervous system of a computer is quite simply the motherboard and, this article is here to help you select the right one for your new custom gaming build. You can always own the leading RAM, CPU and Graphics Card around but, without carefully choosing the right motherboard, you’re hindering and limiting yourself.

In order to choose the best motherboard that’s compatible with all other the components of your computer, let’s take a careful look at the things you should be taking into account.

Considering that the motherboard is the most crucial mechanism to your system, purchasing the best one that you can afford is an excellent investment if you’re looking for a long lasting gaming system.


Check CPU Compatibility

A plan to purchase a CPU must be compatible with the motherboard you’re using, so be sure to remember that your motherboard only supports Intel or AMD CPUs, and only particular models as well. It’s really easy to search for the compatibility between the CPU and the motherboard. You can do this by checking if they both have the same processor interface.


Check RAM Compatability

As with the CPU, the motherboard will determine the amount and type of RAM you buy. These days you’ll probably get DDR3 RAM, with at least 4GB for top gaming performance, especially to play the latest games out there and it would be rare if this became an issue.


Ports, Slots & Features

In order to obtain extra PCI ports for other cards, ensure the motherboard already has this first. So before you begin, think about the number of USB ports you’ll need and whether you also need a Firewire port for video editing and video capturing.

Also, don’t forget to make sure that you have the right amount of PCI Express slots for your use. You’ll need this for your video card, or (2) slots if you’re planning on installing two video cards in your machine. For a dedicated sound card, you’ll need to get an extra PCI Express port as well.


Choose On-board Audio Vs Dedicated Sound Card

You’ll probably come across motherboards with a built in audio, so the dedicated sound card is optional. I’d recommend investing in a sound card, especially if you want the best experience from your games or, if you’d like to take advantage of the best quality headphones and speakers.

If you’re into producing music, video and audio editing, a sound card is necessary because the sound provided by those typical motherboards won’t do the job.


Tips On Buying Your Motherboard

When you decide to choose one of the best motherboards for your gaming, be wise and think ahead. I’m sure most of you would want your motherboard to have a long life, so I recommend you choose a decent quality that has been released recently.

Since the motherboard is such an important component to your gaming PC, I recommend buying the best you can afford. I suggest taking a look at the well known trusted motherboard manufacturers for quality and reliability. These are: ASUS, EVGA, Intel, MSI & Gigabyte.

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